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Omniaelectronics is a leading integrator and manufacturer of electronics components and appliances focused on high tech, aerospace and defense market. The company has been awarded AS/EN 9120:2010 and ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation, which is the highest qualification for military and aerospace market.

To consolidate the internal multidisciplinary engineering and project management skills in 2020 we set up an internal spin off as full chain integrator for high end projects, leading all the process starting from product design to delivery.
Our Embedded Division research group is focused on designing for low-power efficiency SoCs within IoT applications such as smart homes, industrial robotics, connected vehicles, smart cities and wearables.
We also offer solutions that combine technological innovation in Industry 4.0 and IoT with process innovation and offer integrated solutions tailored to our client’s needs.

Head office and warehouse is situated in Madrid, We have branches in Italy, UK, USA and Hong Kong. These facilities allow us to operate locally but on a global scale.

Quality Commitment

As an AS9120:2010 qualified company; we are committed to driving up the improvement our quality management continuously, to provide our customer top quality products with a clear traceability. We apply strict quality control at every stage of production from raw materials selection and procurement to delivery of finished goods.

Our quality management system is aimed to provide only 100% approved and conforming products to our customers. To achieve this aim, we are working in the following aspects:

To procure products only from pre-qualified and approved suppliers;

All products purchased will be inspected upon arrival to meet our quality requirements and the results will be recorded;

For all suspected products, further inspection and test will be preformed by our in house test laboratory or an approved third party test house, including:

  • External Visual Inspection;
  • Device Marking Permanent Tests;
  • Data Sheet Verification;
  • De-capsulation, Die Verification;
  • X-Ray Inspection;
  • Blank Check;
  • Full Parametric and Functional Testing;
  • Failure Rate Analysis;
  • Mil-Spec Testing;
  • Mil-Spec Upscreening;
  • Solderability Testing;
  • Temperature Testing.

All the above procedures are created to guarantee the quality of the products provided to our customers. We are committed to continue to drive improvement of our quality management, inspection and test systems to help fulfil the customers needs and expectations.