Omniaelectronics is a leading company in the field of components distribution and obsolescence management, during the last decade we support our customers in solving obsolescence issue and provide them support for the electronics device needs. When the obsolescence impacts complex devices, Omniaelectronics can support its customers with different approaches, depending on the market and the obsolete device:

  • Market analysis and extensive search of the obsolete items
  • Replacement of the obsolete items using FFF device
  • Replacement of the obsolete items via simple mechanical adaptation
  • Replacement of the obsolete items with the usage of functionally reprogrammable device and custom adapters
  • Screening of equivalent components with different operating ranges
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Identify obsolescence, Define critical components

1. Find alternative products

Search for drop-in replacements or mechanically and electrically compatible products from the world market, add them to our supply-chain and hold stock

3. Retrofitting

Arrange for replacement and logistic implementation

2. Customized modifications

If a drop-in replacement is not available, the Data Display Group can mechanically or electrically customize our products (e.g. mounting bezeis, cotrollers, interface boards etc.)

4. Continuous Surveillance

Proactive surveillance of product status via manufacturer’s PCN and EOL notices


Our supply chain for obsolescent materials, carries out in order to mitigate the possible counterfeiting and to validate the correspondence of the performances to the data declared by the manufacturers, multiple tests using a team of certified companies.

Under the typical tests applied according to the standards (mill std or idea std):

Mechanical tests:

  • Esternal visual inspection (mil std 2009)
  • Internal visual Inspection mil std 2014,2012
  • Decapping, Xray
  • Phisycal dimension (mil std 2016)

Electrical tests:

  • Parametric test
  • Functional test
  • DC test
  • Programming test (Read/Write, Clear, Blank test)
  • UP/Screening