R&D Researches

OmniaElectronics can perform, for customers, studies about of behaviour of a certain electronic equipment or formulas, helping to find the most performances architecture or the less expansive one.

To do this we use extensively:

– Matlab and its derivates

– Analog or digital simulations

During the study we use functions as:

– FFT and frequency decimation

– FIR implementation and test

– Correlation functions


Development the project development is based on:

  • High integration components, like uController, uProcessor and FPGA with 32 or             64 bit wide path
  • High number of layers to host complex circuits
  • RF parts up to X-band
  • Wiring reduction by using extensive PCB rigid-flexible or rigid-flexible-rigid
  • Mechanical parts, aluminium based

OmniaElectronics technology is based on state of art components and architectural design, the main branches are:

  • Analog
    • OPAMP, from 0 to 2GHz
    • Signal conditioning (LNA, LOGAMP…)
    • DAC/ADC, up to 600MHz (8, 12, 16 bit)
  • RF
    • Primary Radar S-X-Ka band
    •  power amplifier up to 400W@3GHz (S-band)
  • Digital
    • uController 8, 16, 32 bit from Microhip to ARM
    • uProcessor
    • SITARA family,
    • iMX by NXP
    • – DSP
    • ADSP21xx
    • Tiger Sharc
    • C55
    • – FPGA
    • Cyclone Stratix by Altera
    • Spartan, Virtex and Zynq by Xilinx


OmniaElectronics can offer the uController as HW and FW (especially for FPGA), normally we use:

  • FW C-based
    • For low end Microcontroller it depends by the manufacturer (i.e. Microchip)
    • For high end Microcontroller (like ARM) we use Keil and Rowley
    • For uP, gcc and relevant families based on Eclipse IDE
  • VHDL
    • VHDL as general function description language with IP depending by vendor:
      • Quartus fo Altera,
      • ISE for Xilinx
      • ModelSim as simulator


Operating System (OS)

Omnia can use the most common OS like:

  • Windows
  • Linux (Ubuntu)


OmniaElectronics is an electronic design company basically. The production facilities are not inside the company (the prototype reworking machine are inside only) , the production phase is outsourced to third party.
The OmniaElectronics partner are ISO9001 certified and works according to quality plane approved by OmniaElectronics itself.

Standard FR4 PCB

–           0.2mm hole, with anular ring of 0.4mm

–           0.1mm tracks, with clearance of 0.1mm

–           up to 16 layers

–           short time manufacturing process


–           Multilayer boards with many layers

–           Industrial electronics

–           Automobile electronics

–           Fineline trace structures

–           High temperature electronics

PC Assembly

– PCB Automatic assy (mount and solder)

– any type of BGA

– manual assy for mixed (smd and throw-hole) special components technology


– Any kind of connectors (crip or solder)

– Any kind of conductors (single wire, twisted, coax)

– All conductors, cables and connectors will be clearly identified

Fiber Optic

– use of 9/50/62.5/100um

– single cable, multifiber cable

– any connectors and splice